The IGS 2176 is a stereo compressor inspired by the classic 1176 archetype. Building on its design, the 2176 features two channels of FET compression offered via the traditional BC107B transistors found in the original unit.

The 2176 is a dual mono version of the legendary 1176 archetype. The 1176 is a very well known and appreciated compressor in professional recording studios all over the world. Whoever heard how this compressor works with vocals will never be able to manage without one.

Additionally the 2176 works great with drums and synthesizers. It is a 45dB transistor amplifier equipped with a remarkable limiter. Compression is achieved with the FET controlled transistor. The unique feature of the unit is the implementation of traditional BC107B transistors known well from the original 1176 circuit. That’s right! They may cause noise – but this is what gives the sound its power. At extreme settings the 2176 adds some pleasant distortion to the output. The core of versatility in sound of the 2176 lies in the balance between the Input, Output, and Release knobs. All knobs are in fact 12-pole position switches. It is a pure A class circuit.

2 balanced XLR Line Inputs
• 2 balanced XLR Outputs
• +4dB operating level
• Maximum Output +29 dBV
• Gain reduction up to 20dB
• Max Gain 45dB
• Output impedance 600 Ohm
• Pure class A audio path
• Input balanced by High quality audio Op Amp
• Output transformers – Edcor 1:1
• Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz; +/- 0.3dB
• Precise analog scales
• Ultra fast VU meters
• Internal power supply
• Mains consumption 55 Watts
• 230V/110V Power option
• Shipping weight 7 kg

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