The Kush Audio Tweaker is a hyper-flexible single-channel discrete VCA analogue compressor blending the sound of transistor based compressors of the 1970s with forward-thinking controls.

The Kush Audio Tweaker is deigned to be whatever you need it to be. From smooth and polished to dark and dirty this mono compressor can replicate the classic sound of LA-2A, Distressor, API 2500 and Valley People Dynamite compressors easily.  Use it on bass, guitars, vocals, drums and more and Tweaker will work wonders.

At its heart lies a powerful and radical Sidechain Shaper which changes the sound of the Side-chain circuit and affects its behaviour. Ranging from simple High-pass filters to complex multi-shelving filters, the Sidechain Shaper goes far beyond traditional side-chains and allows focusing on the task required from harshness in vocals, brittle cymbals or muddy bass. An additional Contour control works alongside the SideChain Shaper to further refine the shape of your compression.

A Curve knob controls the knee and ratio simultaneously, starting from a gentle 2:1 ratio to 30:1 limiting. Used in combination with the Threshold, attack an release further adds to the range of colours available. The extremely fast attack ranges from 10 micro seconds all the way to 70ms to allow from extreme transient control or truly transparent attack. The Release features a Fast / Dual switch which lets you choose between brutal distortion of Classic FET designs and the typical smooth dual-release of iconic valve opto-compressors.

A drive button adds further distortion via the Discrete VCA ranging from soft harmonic enrichment to edgy distortion with a typical vibe of 70’s solid state compression designs. With so many extreme distortion settings available, Tweaker also boasts a Mix knob control which allows to dial the original signal back in, for parallel compression effects.

A unique tri-meter lets you guauge input, output and gain reduction all at once without the use of a switch. You can easily see the interaction between the input and compression to understand the output. Not only is it beautiful, it is invaluable for instant feedback.

With high torque, fully-detented 21 steps controls,  it is possible to easily recall settings and even use “presets”. Kush even offers presets to mimic classic compressors to perfection.

  • 19" Rack Discrete-VCA Mono Compressor
  • High torque 21-step fully detented pots
  • Unique 'Sidechain Shaper' focuses compression on desired frequency bands
  • Curve: simultaneous ratio and knee adjustment, from 2:1 soft-knee to 30:1 hard knee limiting
  • Variable Attack: from 10 microseconds to 70 milliseconds.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of Input, Output and Gain Reduction levels.
  • Switchable Release: Fast Single Stage and Vintage Opto-style Dual Stage
  • Single-Stage Release: 20ms-500ms
  • Dual-Stage Release: 500ms-7500ms
  • Linkable Stereo operation
  • XLR & 1/4" TRS balanced i/o
  • 240V & 120V compatible

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