The Lisson Grove R-124 is a single-channel, variable-mu compressor inspired by the EMI/Abbey Road RS124 compressor. The Lisson Grove R-124 builds on the RS124's legacy with further refinements, better reliability and modern touches, all without deviating far from the 'core' sonics of the original.

The R-124 comes with a continuously variable attack time control with a range of 15 to 125 ms along with the new O/P Load control feature. O/P's front panel control sets the R-124's output impedance anywhere between (CCW) 200-ohms (labeled "Dark") to 600-ohms (CW). Also new is a rear panel, 1/4-inch link jack for stereo operation of two R-124s with the unit compressing more acting as the master.

Release operation is also completely 'remixed' on the R-124. A faster release time replaces the RS124's fastest position--it's now 310ms on the R-124, with all other five release times the same as on the RS124.

Like the RS124, the R-124's Release rotary switch allows access to the compressor's unique Hold or Infinity mode. As soon as you switch to Hold, the current amount of gain reduction at that moment is "frozen" with no recovery of gain back to unity as is typical of a compressor. To engage Hold, there are six interstitial switch positions between the six release time positions--making the Hold mode always one click away from any selected release time.


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