The Pendulum ES-8 is a high quality stereo/dual mono tube limiter capable of achieving transparent level control without the sonic artefacts usually associated with variable mu limiters.

The Pendulum ES-8 is a stereo/dual mono limiter. When linked for use as a stereo limiter the threshold and time constants are controlled entirely by Channel 1; in the dual mono mode each channel is completely independent.

The solid-state side chain offers three modes of processing. Its Fast mode is self-explanatory, with attack and release times of 0.5 ms and 50 ms respectively. The Preset mode offers program settings identical to the 670 and the Manual setting gives you control over both the attack and release times to suit the application.

The Presets setting on the Mode switchs accesses six settings that are identical to the time constants of the Fairchild. These Presets are labeled by their release times, though the attack times vary as well. The first four settings offer fixed attack and release times, while the last two have a quick initial release followed by a longer decay time to zero gain reduction. (Interestingly, this type of release is a characteristic of electro-optical compressors like the LA-2A.)


Input Sensitivity: +4dBu
Input Impedance
: 10k (nominal) with 1:1 input transformer
Freq. Response
: -1.0dB 15Hz and 75kHz with 600 output load
: less than -85dB below +4dBu output level with Output control at unity gain (12:00) 
: less than 0.08% THD+N, 20Hz to 10kHz
: +27dBu balanced into 600 load

Max. Gain Reduction: 12dB
: up to 12dB of gain reduction at -8dBu input level
: 1:1 to limiting, program-dependent 
: off to +15dB 
: fast, preset or manual operation
: 0.5ms attack, 50ms release
: 1ms/0.1s, 1ms/0.3s, 2ms/1.0s, 4ms/2s, 
2ms/1 to 4s and 1ms/0.5 to 20s (program dependent)
: attack time varaible from 1.0ms to 100ms
release time varaible from 0.1s to 2s
: selection of input level, gain reduction, or output level
input and output levels are referenced to +4dBu = 0VU 
: hard bypass of input signal to output connector 
: links channel 1 and channel 2 for stereo operation
: input and output XLR connectors are pin 2 hot

Vacuum Tubes: (2) 6ES8 (US) or ECC189 (European)
120Vac, 30W (240Vac optional)
Power Supplies
: +250Vdc, +12.6Vdc and ±18Vdc, fully regulated 
with soft-start warm-up and output bypass
: 2U enclosure, 19" x 3.5" x 12.5" (48.2 x 8.8 x 31.8 cm)
: 14lbs (6.4kg)

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