The Rockruepel Comp One and Comp Two are vari-mu stereo compressors, featuring unique tubes and some of the highest grade components to produce a truly world class sound.

Limited to only 50 units, the Comp One compressor was hand built in Germany by tube compressor enthusiasts Oliver Gregor and Guido Apke who run a small company called Rockruepel.

The Comp One compressor is capable of being very gentle or, with its unusual "ruepel" mode, extremely brutal. It can provide wonderful punch, glue, and shine to a mix, be very gentle in a mastering setting, or completely obliterate drums and individual tracks - a truly one-of-a-kind unit.

The Comp Two is an all-valve variable-mu design, built on fully-balanced tube-circuitry. The main audio path consists of SOWTER input- and output transformers (SOWTER), two high-end coupling capacitors, input- and output-tubes (NOS 6N3 and 6CG7). The Comp Two can be employed as a tone shaper during tracking, it serves as a versatile mixing tool, and it also delivers great results in a mastering chain. Even amongst the high-end competition, this degree of flexibility stands out. 

This unit provides some of the cleanest tube compression on the market, as well as amazing overdrive tube processing.

Audiophile, fully symmetrical design
Aluminium chassis with 6 millimeter front plate
ELMA-stepped pots
Hoyt-VU-Meter (manual calibration)
Output tube : 6CG7
Input tube : NOS 613P
WIMA-dual capacitor
Real bypass
Dual Mono with separate power supply
Sidechain-Control (54, 74, 110 Hz)

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