The Rockruepel Limit.One is a transformer-based analog limiter that combines actual brick-wall limiting control, sound design for uneven mixes as well as single track level control. It is built with the best components available on the market and a new, modern design based on limiters used back in the days.

The new limiting circuit design of the Rockruepel Limit.One improves your control when working with high or uneven audio levels. Built to get the most out of your dynamics and leaving the audio signal wave intact, this limiter is ready to take on the 21st century and its new audio formats and platforms.

Rockruepel adapted and optimized the use of a current-controlled attenuator placed between two Pikatron transformers, this element keeps the original shape of sound wave while setting a limit. The features a multi-dial switch to control the precise point of the limiting threshold accessing a wide range from +2dBu to over + 22dBu. Elma switches for Output gain up to 5dB of make-up gain and a 4 speed setting from slow to fast. The unit can operate in mono or stereo and has a hard wire bypass. An alternate output allows splitting of the signal for mastering applications.

Rockruepel started with the successful tube compressor series consisting of the and its successor, the comp.two. This boutique compressor has been an insider tip for recording, mixing and mastering and received several nominations. Now, with the debut of the , all of the ultra-hi-fidelity sound and build quality that Rockruepel users have come to know and love, is available in a whole new audio toolkit that maximizes the incredibly valuable balance of both volume and dynamics in ways never before possible.

Frequency Response :

40Hz – 15 kHz ± 0,35 dB
20Hz – 20 kHz ± 0,73 dB

Gain  0 – +5 dB

Max. Outputlevel ( 40Hz k3 -50dB ) +24dBu

Voltage 115/230V AC

Power consumption 5W

Balanced input , ground free

Inputresistor ⪴ 30kOhm

Input damping @ 15kHz ⪴ -60dB

Balanced Output

Output reistor  ⪴ 80Ohm

Output damping @ 15kHz ⪴ -42dB

Clirr k3:
40Hz 1kHz 6,3 kHz
-57dB -77B -67dB
at +4dBu

Noise  :
(at working level + 4dBu Input and Output control at 5 )
pGer ⪴ -75 dBqs ( CCIR 486 )
pFr ⪴ -85 dBq ( bandwidth 10Hz – 30 kHz )

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