The TK Audio BC1-S is a stereo buss compressor inspired by the legendary SSL G stereo buss compressor and is designed to provide smooth compression or “glue” to your mixes.

The TK Audio BC1-S takes the now legendary VCA stereo buss compression design and updates it with many useful appointments such additional 1.5:1 and HARD ratios providing really soft transparent compression or hard limiting. The TK Audio BC1-S brings cohesion and punch to your instruments, drum or master buss without compromising clarity even at high ratios; thanks to a built-in blend control which allows for parallel processing by simply adjust the amount of dry and compressed signal. A mute button is also included to mute the dry signal altogether.

The TK Audio BC1-S also features a switchable side-chain filter at 150Hz with a smooth 6dB/per octave slope ensuring a smoother compression with bass-heavy material and an external side-chain input to make the track pump to an external source. 
Already extremely popular, the TK Audio BC1 range has seen several updates and the BC1-S now features stepped controls for easy recall and a lower noise floor, making it suitable for mastering applications, providing punch and glue while remaining transparent. A bypass switch is now also included.

Smooth VCA-based buss compression 
Provides the magic glue effect on mixes
Extended ratio, attack and release controls
Side-chain input and filtering
Blend control for parallel compression 
Single or dual side-chain detectors
Noise flooor: below 104dBm
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, less than -0.3dB
Distortion: less than 0.008% THD+N, @ +8dBm
Max output: +26dBm @ 600ohms load
New output stage, unbalanced/balanced auto sens.
All controls stepped
New illuminated in/out switch
Mains on/off on front

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