The Bart HRK EQ2484 is a Dual Mono Classic Inductor Based Equalizer suitable for mastering applications as well as mixing and tracking.

The EQ2484 is made with custom made HRK multi-taped Inductors.

The frequency can be selected with rotary switch. Each switch position couples inductor tap and capacitor to create resonance circuit for selected frequency.

Today inductors can be found only in very expensive gear.

Vintage Inductor based EQ’s have unique sonic character.

This is why equalizers restored from old recording consoles are well regarded by sound engineers.

EQ2484 Inputs and Outputs are coupled with Large Format Handmade HRK Audio Transformers.

The output transformers are powered by ultra-low distortion transistor driver circuit.

EQ2484 introduce very low THD to the audio signal but it adds subtle colouration to the signal, typical for Analogue Outboard Preamps.

Hybrid’84 Circuitry uses Solid Sate Opamps to achieve low THD levels and Discrete NOS Transistors to produce warm and rich sound.

All transistors have been selected for the best performance and sound characteristics.

Number of channels: 2
Inputs: Line input – channel 1 and 2

Each channel is independent and consist Low shelf, Low Mid’s bell, High Mid’s bell and High shelf section.
Low and High band has 4 selectable frequency settings. Low and high Mid’s have 6 selectable frequency settings.

Noise floor (EQ bypassed) – less than -90dBu
Noise floor (EQ engaged, controls set to 0)
less than -89dBu

THD+N (EQ bypassed)
less than 0.012% @ 1kHz in Bandwidth 10Hz – 80kHz
THD+N (EQ engaged, controls set to 0)
less than 0.02% @ 1kHz in Bandwidth 10Hz – 80kHz

The most dominant source of Harmonic Distortions are input and output audio transformers.
The THD content is mostly consists of second harmonic distortion
and following even harmonics.

Frequency response (EQ bypassed): -0.5dBr@10Hz – +0.4dBr@20kHz

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This piece of gear has limited suppliers. Processing may take longer than usual.