The Bettermaker 542 is a dual-slot, stereo parametric EQ for the 500-series format based on the parametric section of their popular EQ232P model.

The Bettermaker 542 has a unique character yet ultra-clean sound ideal for mixing and mastering. Complementing the already existing Bettermaker 502P Pultec design, the 542 adds the transparency that made the EQ232P so successful.

As with all other Bettermaker products, the 542 also features a USB input to connect to your computer allowing you to control the settings of your EQ directly within your DAW. In addition, the Bettermaker 542 responds to Automation and all settings can be recalled automatically upon opening the session. Alternatively, this 4-band EQ lets you store up to 399 presets directly on the unit and recall them at the touch of a button.

The 542 is a four-band EQ with selectable High and Low-pass filters and two parametric mid bands. The high-pass filter uses a 24dB/octave filter with selectable frequency while the Low Pass filter is a 12dB/octave again with selectable frequencies.
The Parametric bands cover frequencies between 45Hz all the way up to 15kHz with an overlap between 650Hz and 1k Hz. The bandwidth is digitally controlled and covers a wide range between 1/5th of an octave at its minimal position all the way up to 3 octaves.

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