The Chandler Curve Bender EQ is one of the most tone-rich EQs currently available. Modelled after the legendary EMI TG12345 Console EQ at Abbey Road Studios and made famous by artists such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd, this unit features unique Germanium amplifiers that add character and dimension to any sound source.

The Curve Bender is an externally powered, solid-state, four-band EQ with 51 fixed filter points which provide high and low pass filters, flexible Q and various gain options.  

Not only does the Chandler add tone and character, but also creates an organic, emotionally evoking level of musicality as it has an incredibly pleasant way of smoothing out the high-end frequencies, especially for digital or sample based instruments. It also produces strong, rich, in-your-face mid-range tones and builds body and density in the lower frequencies. Like other great analog gear, it also imparts a 3D depth stereo material.

The Curve Bender is modelled off the EQ from the original EMI TG12345 Console, which was designed exclusively for Abbey Road Studios and was owned by EMI at the time. This console was used to create some of the world’s most famous albums and has been used by countless artists such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Queen…just to name a few… 

The Curve Bender was released by Chandler Limited to celebrate Abbey Road Studio’s 75th Anniversary. This was the first time this EQ was allowed to be replicated, and it is true to the design of its founding EMI console.  

Chandler Limited is currently the only manufacturer with permission to recreate EMI products. All Chandler units are handmade, hand soldered and hand assembled, and are an object of beauty - staying true with the original nature of EMI consoles.

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