The Dangerous Music BAX EQ, based on Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950s tone control circuitry, is the first professional, stand-alone EQ to use the infamous “Baxandall Curves”. The Dangerous Music BAX EQ provides exceptional control and in-depth manipulation of the frequency spectrum, creating natural, open and translucent sound. The unit can be used effectively in a mastering setup, across the whole mix or within individual mix chains.

Peter Baxandall first introduced the idea for his now world-famous tone-control circuitry in an October 1952 issue of the Wireless World journal in which he described the “independent variation of bass and treble without switches”. Unbeknownst to Baxandall at the time, this now legendary method of tone adjustment would go on to become the universal choice for tone adjustment in commercial hi-fi equipment for many decades to follow.

What sets the Baxandall circuitry apart from traditional “shelving” EQs which commonly have a steep rise or fall above or below a set frequency is a “shelving curve” or “Baxandall Curve” which instead creates a slow rising or falling slope which can generate a much more natural and smoother sound and allows for detailed control across wide sections of the frequency spectrum.

The Dangerous Music BAX EQ provides a unique and distinctively sweet and open high-end combined with a powerful and three-dimensional low-end. The bass and treble shelves on most EQs adjust the characteristics of the original sound and introduce elements like phase delay, whereas the BAX EQ’s shelving curves maintain complete phase consistency, creating what can be called “real analog transparency” and providing the user’s ability to preserve original sonic characteristics of the sound while making extremely powerful changes. Because of this, rather than adding elements or “colour”, the original sound will simply be heard more beautifully and more powerfully.

Beyond its shelving controls, the Dangerous Music BAX EQ comes armed with advanced filtering options that further expand the flexibility of the unit. The high and low cut filters allow the user to dial out any unwanted frequencies that are found at the far ends of the shelves. At the low end, the user is able to cut below the 12Hz mark in order to eliminate infrasonic rumble. On the high end, ultra-sonics that can carry noise and harshness to analog-to-digital converters can be easily removed. When the filters are played against the shelving controls, a whole universe of unique tone-shaping ability becomes available to the user, allowing for incredible and diverse equalization possibilities.

Designed by Dangerous Music renowned designer, Chris Muth, the BAX EQ continues to embody the company’s revered philosophy of “sophisticated circuit design, uncompromising quality, and elegantly straightforward use” and the unit has quickly become highly respected amongst many industry professionals.

Frequency Response:

  • +- 0.1dB from 10Hz to 20kHz
  • +- 0.2dB from 1Hz to 80kHz

Maximum level:

  • >+28dBu

Noise floor:

  • <-92dBu band limited from 22Hz-22kHz


  • <0.002%


  • <0.003%

Crosstalk rejection:

  • >105dB

Replacement Fuses:

  • USA 500mA fast blow for 120V
  • Europe 250mA fast blow for 240V

Input Impedance:

  • 25K Ohms

Output Impedance:

  • 50 Ohms

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