Equalization (or EQ) refers to the adjustment of audio frequencies produced by guitars, which can either be cut or boosted to reduce or increase the presence of a specific frequency or frequency band. This is usually done to improve the audio aesthetics of guitar sounds.

EQ may also be used to eliminate or reduce unwanted sounds and transients, and altering EQ is a good way to adjust the timbre of the guitar by modifying the substance of its frequencies. This can furthermore assist in fitting the guitar tracks within the sonic spectrum and overall context of the mix.


Depending on the objective of the project, different EQ units will deliver different tones and character to guitar tracks.

Some popular choices include:

Neve 1084
API 550B 
Ruper Neve Designs (particularly Shelfords)

Acoustic guitars are often best EQed in stereo pairs. For this we love the SPl Passeq or a Millenia NSEQ 2. If more substance is needed, Neve 1073s are great at slowing down frequency changes on the top end without losing brightness.

Other good options include:

Neve 33114b pair
SSL G Series EQ for tweaking when non-linear EQ shapes are required
Pultec EQs for higher frequency manipulation

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