The EAR 825 is a stereo equalizer for studio use where sound quality is the top priority.

On each channel of the Esoteric Audio Research 825Q there are five bands of EQ. Shelf filters give boost or cut in the bass and treble. With four corner frequencies on each control and variable degrees of boost or cut. In addition there are three tuned boost/cut filters with centre frequency adjustable over a total range of 60Hz to 16kHz.

These give a maximum boost or cut of 12dB, allowing quite large response variation but without sacrificing sensitivity. Controls are laid out for maximum ease of use and can be bypassed at the flick of a switch for quick reference to the original signal.

All the equalising circuitry in the Esoteric Audio Research 825Q is completely passive, with valve (tube) electronic stages providing buffering and amplification on the input and output. This valve circuitry follows designer Tim de Paravicini’s philosophy of low distortion, low noise, high headroom and wide bandwidth and runs in single-ended mode with ultra-high-quality, in-house designed, coupling transformers providing balanced and floating input and output connections at studio levels.

Frequency response controls defected 5Hz-50kHz ±0.5dB Gain 0dB
Input fully floating bridging 20kohm
Output fully floating for 600ohm use Source Impedance 60ohm
Distortion = less than 0.1% @+4dB (1.22V) midband, less than 0.5% @ +24dB (12.2V)
Controls five-band Stereo:
1. Bass shelf @ 20, 30, 60,100Hz ±12dB
2. Bass bell Filter @ 60,120,240, 500, 700Hz & 1kHz ±12dB
3. Mid range @ 6k, 8k, 10k, 12k, 16kHz±12dB
4. Treble range @ 6k, 8k, 10k, 12k, 16kHz±12dB
5. Treble shelf @ 3k, 5k, 10k, 20kHz±12dB
Defeat switch power switch voltage AC
Power consumption: 50VA 100-250V
Size: 19" x 51/4" (3u) x 10" depth

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