The Focusrite Red 2 is a dual-channel equaliser which features Focusrite's much sought-after warmth and smoothness. It is a four-band EQ with HF and LF shelving, true parametric High- and Low- Mids, as well as High-pass and Low-pass filters.

The transformer-balanced inputs and outputs provide superb isolation, and this classic approach to interfacing contributes to the warm sonic signature of the Focusrite EQ. In fact many owners run their signal paths through the Red 2 to obtain this warmth whether or not they are applying the filters or equalisation. Derived from the classic ISA 110, the Red 2 equaliser offers switched-frequency high and low-pass filters, switched frequency shelving bands for low and high frequencies, and two fully parametric mid bands with frequency sweep and Q controls. 
The shelving high and low bands offer up to 18dB cut and boost from 3.3–18kHz and 33–460Hz respectively, with a constant filter curve shape – unaltered by frequency selection – for smooth, predictable results.
The two fully-parametric, mid bands have considerable overlap in available frequency selection. The low-mid band is sweepable from 40-400Hz or (x3) 120Hz–1.2kHz. The high mid band is sweepable from 600Hz-6kHz or (x3) 1.8kHz-18kHz. The bandwidth (or Q) is continuously variable from 0.3 to 1, allowing a broad or very fine “peaking” or “dipping” curve to be obtained with up to 18db of gain or attenuation. 
The high and low-pass filters provide 12db per octave attenuation and are switchable in steps between 36Hz – 330Hz and 5.6kHz–22kHz respectively. They are indispensible for cleaning up signals corrupted by noise at either end of the spectrum.

  • Input Gain -12dBu to +12dBu, continuously variable
  • Input impedance 10kΩ ±15%, 20Hz to 20kHz 
  • Balance >60dB
  • Frequency response 5Hz to 200kHz (-3dB points) ±0.1dB within passband
  • Noise Better than -98dB below +4dBu
  • Distortion 0.016% (-20dBu @20Hz)
  • 0.02% (-10dBu @20Hz)
  • 0.03% (0dBu @20Hz)
  • 0.0025% (0dBu @10kHz)
  • Output +26dBm with 600Ω output load, balanced and floating

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