The GML 8200 is a stereo five-band parametric equalizer. It is regarded as being one of the highest-quality EQs available and renowned for its incredible detail, resolution and clarity, making it ideal for very precise and surgical-style EQ work for high quality audio.

The GML 8200 is possibly the most flexible hardware equaliser available and a staple fixture of many top-tier mixing and mastering engineers. Designed by George Massenburgwho is both a key figure in the development of parametric equalisation and a celebrated recording/mixing engineer, it remains the benchmark for precise sculpting of sounds.

Recording industry folklore often credits the 8200 as being the first parametric EQ unit and its designer the inventor of the very concept. While Massenburg is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of the design, he himself credits a small handful of other engineers with playing a part in the invention. Massenburg did, however, coin the term 'parametric equaliser' in a paper he submitted to the Audio Engineering Society in 1972 in which he detailed a new 'sweep-tunable' EQ. This concept allowed for discreet, variable control over not just the centre frequency and gain of an EQ move, but the bandwidth (amount of surrounding frequencies affected) as well. This opened up the possibility of previous unattainable levels of precision with use of equalisation and greatly impacted the scope of its function as a production tool.

The 8200’s power lies in its facility to go from broad to incredibly narrow bandwidth (Q) valueswhich are far narrower than most other hardware EQs. This level of resolution, combined with its variable frequency selection knobs, enable problematic frequencies to be identified and pulled out without taking away too much desirable content. This ability to ‘clean up’ sounds marries perfectly on harmonically complex sources like acoustic pianos, as well as applications that call for subtlety such as mix buses and mastering. 

Aside from corrective work, the 8200 boasts exceptional overall toneThe low-band EQ imparts a clean and powerful punch that maintains its integrity right down to the lowest frequencies, while the high-band can deliver air and clarity without adding harshness.

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