The Great River EQ-2NV is a two channel digitally-controlled, analog-driven equalizer that has a topology similar to that of vintage 1081/1083 models. Modern improvements enable the newly-designed class A, discrete single-ended amplifiers in the NV Series Equalizers to add greater clarity and dynamic range to the musicality and control of the vintage 108x models.

The EQ-2NV has been specifically designed to work with Great River NV Series microphone preamplifiers' patch loop to offer greater flexibility in both tracking and mixing environments.

The front panel input selector and sensitivity switch offers the option of using the EQ-2NV's balanced bridging transformer coupled input with a range from +8dbm to -20dbm or the companion NV Series preamplifiers' patch loop signal. When connected via the NV Series preamplifier patchpoint, the microphone and DI inputs are fully functional, as well as the level control, metering and "big iron" of the NV Series preamplifier output amplifier. The EQ-2NV also has a discrete Class A balanced output stage, which allows it to function as a complete stand-alone device.

Number of Channels   2

Number of Bands       4

High Pass Filter           Yes

Bypass                         Yes

Inputs                          2 x XLR

Outputs                       2 x XLR, 1 x TS (-10dB)

Q Type                         Selectable

Rack Spaces                1U

Boost/Cut Range        ±15

Freq Range High         2.2kHz-18kHz

Freq Range Hi-Mid     1.5kHz-8.2kHz

Freq Range Lo-Mid     220Hz-1200Hz

Freq Range Low          22Hz-470Hz

Height                         1.75"

Width                          19"

Manufacturer Part Number    EQ2NV

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