The Lucas Equaliser is a three-band all-tube unit. It resembles a Pultec in many ways and impresses by its musicality and high quality build.

Lucas Engineering is a specialty manufacturer of extremely high end professional audio equipment. LUCAS equipment is primarily intended for the professional recording industry, but is at home in any application where the highest quality audio is desirable. With the exception of The Deceiver, all LUCAS equipment utilises the vacuum tube, or valve, as the controlling element of sound, a difficult to implement, and costly way to achieve the desired effect.

All LUCAS devices are custom-built, hand constructed one-at-a-time by audio technicians, not factory workers. Each device is carefully tested in a professional studio situation before delivery. Only the highest quality components are used, and where practicable, "new old stock" components are employed. Transformers are custom wound only for us to our proprietary specifications by the finest manufacturer in the business.

The Gear Rack

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This piece of gear has limited suppliers. Processing may take longer than usual.