The MÄAG EQ4 is a 500-series single-channel 6-band equalizer boasting transparency and control of the extreme high and low end frequencies, with minimal phase interference.

Developed by MÄAG Audio, the EQ4 is designed for the 500-series lunchboxes made famous by API. It features 5 fixed frequency bands set at 2.5kHz, 650Hz, 160Hz, 40Hz and 10Hz respectively, along with a proprietary Air Band – a high shelf with selectable frequencies ranging from 2.5kHz all the way up to 40kHz.

While its fixed frequency design might be considered somewhat limiting, in use, the unit proves to be extremely versatile. One of the main applications where the EQ4 excels is vocal processing – the frequency selection combined with the unit’s minimal phase interference makes it an ideal tool for tonally shaping a vocal while also retaining a natural sound. The same results can be achieved with a variety of acoustic sources such as string instruments or acoustic guitars.

Technically, the EQ4 impresses with its ability to control the extreme high and low end of the frequency spectrum. Its flagship Air Band boasts an upper limit of 40Khz for the high shelf center frequency, extending above the human audible region. However, the psychoacoustic effect produced when altering this region adds a layer of ‘air’ useful in a variety of situations including opening the top end on a drum bus, accentuating breaths in a vocal performance or making an entire mix sound wider and more transparent. Consequently, the Sub frequency band set at 40Hz can prove extremely useful by adding weight to already treated sound sources (where the low end has been filtered out or already controlled). In such circumstances, any source can benefit from more body when processed through the MÄAG EQ4.

The EQ4 range comes in two different form factors: 

EQ4-500 – a single channel EQ designed for the 500-series lunchboxes

EQ4M – a 19-inch dual channel mastering EQ with extended headroom (+29 dBu) and an additional 15kHz selection on the Air Band

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