Vintage '60s Neumann passive EQ units with a broad and smooth sound.

Originally only found in the early 60’s Neumann vinyl cutting lathes/transfer consoles, these rare passive EQ cartridges consist of a 60Hz low shelf, a midrange with seven frequency choices, and a 10kHz high shelf. Effectively they are like a tone control for your audio and can quickly & broadly re-shape the tone of your mix in a very musical manner.

The sound can be described as broad and smooth - low end is large and creamy, the mids buttery, the highs silky. While not suitable for all styles, we’ve found nothing else that comes close to the tone of these remarkable EQ’s for acoustic, RnB, hip-hop and some rock tracks.

Also available as an active EQ under model name PEV-C. Despite having the same frequency choices & the same basic design, sonically, the PEV and PEV-C are completely different – the PEV-C sounds faster, snappier and punchier and suit more electronic or percussive styles of music where the EQ needs to be more up front and aggressive in nature.


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