The Neumann W491 is a classic active EQ featuring 3 bands with 11 selectable frequencies.


The Neumann W491A equalizer is one of the later Neumann developments. It was designed in the early 1990´s when customers requested for more channels with full features. All circuitry for the Neumann W491A’s is high quality and build after the standards of the IRT (Institut für Rundfunk Technik). Neumann follows a long tradition of fine vintage German mixer modules. In the beginning these modules were built for radio stations exclusively due to their high factory price. Years later they found their way into recording studios around the world as used and now affordable gear.


The idea behind the Neumann W491A equalizer was to build a balanced eq module in a small, half fader cassette. To acomplish this, no hi- or lo-pass filters could be added to the design. Still the W491a is quit flexible and a good alrounder featuring three separate active bands with eleven selectable frequencies each and a switchable q-factor per band. You can use the the W491A for tracking, mixing and mastering of mono sources. Due to it´s rotary switches you can also easily pair them and use them for the mix bus or mastering purposes, even though you might miss the hp/lp filters then. 


The W491 is a flexible eq with a relatively clean yet slightly aggressive character. Its ability to go from subtle filtering to extreme EQ-ing effects, makes the W491A a very powerful tool in a small module. Compared to the Siemens Sitral W295b or the Neumann PEa (W495b) EQs, the W491 has a more “in your face” sound, yet it still allows for adding extensive high frequency gain.

Transformer balanced inputs and outputs
3-band EQ (switchable in or out of circuit)
Each band has 11 selectable frequencies with +/-15dB of stepped gain and a 3-way
Selectable Q-switch for narrow, medium, or broad bandwidth
High Frequency Band: 1.5K, 1.9K, 2.4K, 3K, 3.8K, 4.7K, 6K, 7.5K, 9.5K, 11.5K, 15kHz
Mid Frequency Band: 300Hz, 378Hz, 475Hz, 600Hz, 754Hz, 950Hz, 1.2K, 1.5K,1.9K, 2.4K, 3K

Low Frequency Band: 45Hz, 57Hz, 71Hz, 90Hz, 113Hz, 142Hz, 180Hz, 226Hz, 285Hz, 357Hz, 450Hz
Extremely wide frequency response beyond 50 kHz
Low distortion & noise floor

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