The Neumann W492 is a 5-band active EQ known for its clean, soft character and continuously-variable controls.


The Neumann W492 was build in the mid of the 1980's. It was specially designed for live purposes and is one of the few danner cassette modules with continous variable controls. Other than most of the danner cassettes, the Neumann W492 equalizer uses hi-quality potentiometers instead of the common rotary switches inside. Neumann follows a long tradition of fine vintage German mixer modules, so all circuitry for the Neumann W492’s is high quality and build after the standards of the IRT (Institut für Rundfunk Technik). In the beginning these modules were built for radio stations exclusively due to their high factory price. Years later they found their way into recording studios around the world as used and, by now, affordable gear.


The idea behind the Neumann W492 equalizer was to build a eq module for live purposes, where the sound engineer often needs to change the eq settings. The five filters of the Neumann W492 can be switched on and off separatley and the whole filter section can be bypassed with the bypass switch. Due to this feature and the continous variable controls, the W492 can be adjusted very smoothly while the audio signal is audibly without causing unwanted level jumps. The downside of the continous variable controls is the lack of „recallability“, so the Neumann W492 might not be the first choice when looking for a stem or bus eq suitable for stereo signals.


The W492b is a flexible eq with a relatively clean and soft character. Thanks to its five independent bands and continous variable controls, the Neumann W492 can be called the most flexible danner cassette eq. You can give any signal anything from slight coloration to wild EQ-ing effects. The Neumann Sound will always be there without destroying your signal. Nice tool!

Transformer balanced input

Balanced output
- 5-band EQ with bypass of each band or the whole filter section.

Filter 1: Hipass filter 18dB/okt. | cut-off frequency selectable 20Hz/80Hz/140Hz

Filter 2: Shelving ±15dB | 50Hz...400Hz | continous variable

Filter 3: Glockenfilter mit 2Okt. Bandbreite | ±15dB | 63Hz...1kHz continous variable

Filter 4: Glockenfilter mit 2Okt. Bandbreite | ±15dB | 1kHz...16kHz continous variable

Filter 5: Shelving ±15dB | 3kHz...10kHz

Extremely wide frequency response beyond 50 kHz

Low distortion & noise floor

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