The Neve 1073 exemplifies what has come to be the infamous and coveted ‘Neve sound’. It produces a highly ‘colored’ tone with robust bottom-end frequency response, which gives it a sense of body and depth and makes it an excellent choice for almost any instrument. The 3-Band EQ section is equally distinctive and suited to broad tone-shaping to really develop the character of the sound or instrument.

The 1073 is a Class-A design unit comprising of a microphone amp, a line amp and a three-band equalizer. It features transformers in both the input and output stages, which create an important part of its signature sound, slightly smoothing the top end and imparting fullness to the bottom.

The EQ section provides selectable frequency points for the low-shelf and mid-peak bands, and a fixed 12kHz shelf for the high-band. The high band is one of the biggest stars of the show on the 1073 EQ, famously used to add tops and clarity to a vocal by allowing generous boosts without ever sounding harsh or brittle.

The Neve 1073 has developed a legacy as one of the most favored preamps ever made due to suitability of its application for a wide range of sound sources and instruments. It now exists in many standalone formats, both with and without the EQ section, so it can be easily adopted into any recording setup without the need for an entire console.

Rupert Neve was commissioned by independent studios throughout the world to design custom equipment, as most studios were owned by record labels and equipment was custom built. Neve’s work on the A88 console for Wessex Studios saw the birth of the 1073 design, which quickly caught the attention of the studio world.

The Neve 1073 has since become one of the most well-known pieces of recording equipment and the basis for many other manufacturers’ designs. It is one of the most widely-used preamps in history and has lent its distinctive tone color to records of all genres since its inception.

Microphone Input: Input Impedance 300W or 1200W, gain +80db to +20dB in 5dB steps.

Line Input: Input Impedance 10,000W bridging, gain +20dB to -10dB in 5dB steps. Both inputs are transformer balanced and earth free.

Output: Maximum output is >+26dBu into 600W. Output impedance is 75W @1kHz.
Output is transfomer balanced and earth free.

Distortion: Not more than 0.07% from 50Hz to 10kHz at +20dBu output (80kHz bandwidth) into 600W.

Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz, -3dB at 40kHz Eq Out.

Noise: Not more than -83dBu at all Line gain settings Eq In/Out (22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth). EIN better than -125dBu @ 60dB gain.

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