The Neve 32087 is a vintage 4-band stereo ganged mastering EQ with low and high cut filters and stepped controls for easy settings recall.

The Neve 32087 is a rare analog stereo mastering equalizer based on a stereo set of Neve 1081 modules with gold-plated stereo Elma switches for recallability. This particular unit has been painstakingly restored to its former glory and includes the much sought-after original Marinair output transformers which help to give the EQ circuit that classic vintage Neve “tone”. 

We’ve found the 32087 to be more suited to rock, metal, hip-hop and some electronic styles because of the rich harmonic character and musical tonality this EQ imparts. It is not suitable for every style of music particularly where a clean or transparent approach is required, but it’s ideal for turning a sterile digital recording into something that is warmer, fuller and slightly softer. 

This EQ was recapped and serviced by Joe Malone at JLM Audio in early 2012. It has all the original components in it - Marinair LO2567 output transformers and St Ives 31267 input transformers. Power supply is currently set to 240V but was originally 110V so it can be converted easily if need be. Switches are stereo ganged ±1db stepped Elmas.

The sound is unmistakably Neve. The transformers and low end exhibit a BIG sound and the unit will warm up any sterile mixe very nicely. If you know these EQ's you already know that they're extremely rare.

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