The Neve 33122A is a microphone preamplifier and 4-band EQ module. It is part of the Class A/B series of Neve equipment.

The 33122A's use a similar mic amp circuit to the 1081 eq's and have transformer balanced mic, line inputs and transformer balanced outputs. They have 3 bands of switched frequency eq along with a stepped HPF and LPF. There is a eq bypass switch and a mic phase reverse switch at the bottom of each unit.

Gain: -90db range +10dB to -80dB in 5dB steps
HF: 15k, 10k, 6k8, 4k7, 3k3 Hz
MF: 8k2, 5k6, 3k9, 2k7, 1k8, 1k2, 820, 560, 390, 270 Hz
LF: 330, 180, 100, 56, 33 Hz
HPF: 270, 150, 82, 47, 27 Hz
LPF: 18k, 12k, 8k2, 5k6, 3k9 Hz

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