The Sontec MEP-250 is a stereo 5 band dual-channel parametric equalizer that is one of the earlier EQ's used in mastering. Long favored for it's extremely smooth, uncolored sound, many current equalizers owe their heritage to the Sontec. This unit is useful as a channel EQ, program EQ, mastering EQ, or any other function where you would use a high quality EQ.

The Sontec EQ circuit is identical to the famous GML 8200. The circuit was designed by George Massenberg and Burgess Macneal, who later parted ways. They both continued to make the EQ under different names. The only difference in the system is the output amplifiers, with the Sontec amps having what many believe is a smoother sound. The 250C has the exact same EQ circuitry and amps as their very expensive and sought after mastering EQs, but without the stepped controls. It's a very clean and smooth EQ capable of great precision. It has the ability to reach into a mix and pull things out in my experience. We love it on many sources including the master bus.

The Sontec has seen many revision, including the 250EX Parametric Equalizer - the 6th generation of the basic topology originally designed at ITI in 1971. The EX version features improved tuning amplifiers, better mechanical stability, lower noise and a reduced minimum Q from .60 to .38.


Connectors - XLR

Impedance - 10kOhms

Nominal Level +4 dBV

Maximum Level +26 dBV


Gian - 0 ±2 dB adjustable

Self-Noise -

-88 dBV (EQ On)

-94 dBV (EQ Off)

Slew Rate - Greaterthan 200V/usecond

Overload Recovery - Better than 200 nanoseconds from 100% over-load

Frequency Response - 10-100,000 Hz ± 2dB

Distortion - THD+N - 0.01%


Level ±12dB

Q - .4 to 4

Frequency Range

Low - 8-800Hz

Mid - 80-8,000Hz

High - 120-25,600Hz


Connector - XLR

Source Impedance - 80 ohms, unbalanced

Maximum Level - +26 dBV into 500 ohms or greater

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