The Budda Phatbass is a valve overdrive pedal featuring dual 12at7 tubes and adjustable treble and bass controls. It is intended to enrich the low end presence of a bass either as a preamplifier or during mix-down.

The Phatbass offers an organic range of distortion settings to help warm up the tone of a solid state power section and kick a tube amp into high gear. Utilizing two 12at7 preamp tubes, the preamp is designed to accentuate the natural frequencies of the bass to help develop your signature sound.

Three words come to mind when describing the effect of the Phatbass, bigger, "phatter" and bolder! The Phatbass pure vacuum tube overdrive is designed to enhance the low-end frequencies of the bass whether as a preamp in front of your rig, or directly into a mixing board. Softening up your signal and creating a pillow of girth around each note, the Phatbass will coax analog lusciousness from solid-state rigs. Placed in front of a tube rig, the effect is stunning. The notes become rich and full with natural tube compression and sustain. Our circuit is touch sensitive and responds to the players touch whether using a pick, fingers or thumb.

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