The EBS ValveDrive is a dual-function pedal serving as a tube preamplifier and overdrive unit, featuring high-grade components built onto a stomp-box pedal chassis. The pedal is aimed at bass players, however, it can see many other uses in the studio.

Introduced in 2006, the swedish-built EBS ValveDrive tube preamp/overdrive pedal can make your bass either glow or growl, when you want your instrument to sing or scream. It delivers everything from classic tube warmth to hard and pure tube distortion. The design in steel, chrome and Bakelite is based on a classic concept with an easy dial-in design.

True Bypass 
Nominal Input Level: - 8 or - 16 dBv (active/passive)
Input Impedance: 1 Mohms
Frequency Response: +0 / -3 dB 35 - 20k Hz
Gain Range: -oo/+26 dB
Bass Filter Range: 15 dB < 80 Hz
Middle Filter Range: 12 dB @ 400 Hz
Treble Filter Range: 6 dB @ 5 kHz
Output Impedance: > 500 kohms
Dimensions: 6.5" x 5.3" x 3.0"
Weight: 2.2 lbs.
Power Requirements: 12 V AC, 500 mA

The Gear Rack

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