The Ladder Ladder Filter from Moog is a 500-series compatible dynamic ladder filter. It features a selectable high- or low-pass filter with adjustable cutoff and a 2- or 4-pole slope, equivalent to 12 or 24dB respectively.

Designed to provide creative EQ and filtering options, the Ladder has variable attack and release times, which allow you to control how fast or slow the envelope opens and closes. The resonance control can accentuate certain frequencies, and is capable of being pushed to self-oscillation for intense effects. The filter's amount control gives you both positive and negative modes, which give you a range from subtle filtering to compression-like behavior. The unit has a hard-wired true bypass for A/B comparison.

Audio I/O Balanced line level via 500 rack; +19 dBµ to -16 dBµ input accepted
Filter Type 2- and 4-pole dynamic low-pass & high-pass transistor ladder filter
Envelope Type: RMS detector, bi-polar with variable attack & release
Attack Time Better than 250 µS to 2 s depending on program material and level
Release Time Better than 150 ms to 2 s depending on program material and level
Envelope Control Positive and negative modulation
Input Impedance Nominally 24 kΩ balanced differential, 12 kΩ unbalanced single ended
Output Impedance Nominally 50 Ω differential 25 Ω single ended
Maximum Output Level Better than +22 dBµ, balanced
Gain Drive: 36 dB Range of control
Output: 36 dB Range of control
Frequency Response Better than +/-0.5 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz pass band
Better than +/- 1.5 dB from 5 Hz to 24 kHz pass band
Bypass Hard relay true bypass
Power Consumption Less than 105 mA +16 V 
Less than 75 mA -16 V

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