The B.A.S.E Processor is an outstanding stereo field enhancer that allows you to hear more of the ambient acoustics that were present during the actual recording. It has been used on numerous records as well as soundtracks including the classic Star Wars series. The unit is also popular for PA and live applications.

B.A.S.E. first came to Europe in 1990 making its recording debut with Swiss band Yello, followed by revolutionary early 3D cuts in the UK from Orbital (FFRR/Internal) and Caspar Pound/Larry Lush (Rising High).   Live use of B.A.S.E.  began at Stern's Interdance, in 1991 epicenter of the UK rave scene.  This legendary nightclub was the first to adopt 3D sound as a regular feature for its underground dancefloor with leading DJs LTJ Bukem, Moby and Carl Cox becoming the first to use B.A.S.E. creatively.  Latest B.A.S.E. enhanced sound event on the London club scene is in conjunction with the 6K watt system installed at The End WC1 for Billy Nasty's "Torture."

B.A.S.E. has left and right input and output connections for a line level stereo audio signal. The gain structure of B.A.S.E. is suitable for 0/+4 dB pro-audio applications. Left and right XLR inputs are switchable to balanced line, jack inputs are unbalanced. Signal is returned via either balanced XLR left/right outputs or unbalanced jacks. A center channel side chain is available for three track applications and optional center/mono dubbing.

The exact modulation that allows B.A.S.E. to create its unique sensory effects is among trade secrets known only to a handful of people at Bedini Electronics, Inc.  Presumably, to best pioneer new developments they will keep this knowledge from the public arena.  What can be said is that the system uses a form of interferometry to fool the ear, allowing the listener's right ear to hear exclusively right channel information whilst the left ear hears only the left.  This leaves the listener in no doubt, that without headphones, 50 Hz rooms, waveguides or any other gadgetry, he/she can perceive sounds coming from around the room, and is free to walk around with a truly balanced rendition of both speakers in his/her headspace at any time.

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