The Boss CE-300 is a 1984 effects unit featuring two independent chorus circuits to produce full pitch-deviation effects for a wider, fuller sounding effect in the stereo mode, as well as specific deep chorus effects like a multiplex chorus when used in the monaural mode.

In addition to the Rate and Depth controls, the Boss  CE-300 Chorus provides a Chorus Level control to select the desired proportion of chorus effects to the direct sound. Also, by using the Chorus Tone control, any type of chorus effect desired is possible-from the popular CE-1 type mild chorus effect to one that’s extremely sharp-sounding.

All of this is done with a very high S/N ratio, as the Boss CE-300 incorporates built-in noise reduction circuitry. With unequalled ease-of-use and built to extremely high specifications, the Boss CE-300 delivers recording quality performance in the studio or onstage.


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