The Dynacord CLS222 is a vintage Leslie amp simulator. It features a mono input and stereo output with 4 different effect options.

This vintage Dynacord effect is a sought after piece of equipment that does an amazing job of replicating a Leslie amplifier. If you're unfamiliar, a classic Leslie amp has rotating speaker horns inside that give organs such as hammonds their quintessential rotor sound.

While I do own a Leslie amp,  9 times out of 10 I tend to patch this Dynacord in, because it sounds so good (and it saves a lot of time miking the amp).

There are speed controls on the front panel to switch between fast and slow (I love switching up and down in the middle of long chords to add "swell"), as well as controls on the back to fine tune the speed of the high and low registers respectively. The front panel also allows you to adjust the balance between high and low. With the input cranked up, this machine actually does sound like a screeching Leslie amp.

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