The Ensoniq DP/4 is a digital multi-effects units with a unique architecture based on 4 discrete stereo processors.

Based on the concept of parallel processing from the computer world, the DP/4 has 4 discrete processors (called unit(s) A, B, C & D), each capable of producing 24-bit dynamic stereo effects. Each unit is a complete effects device unto itself. – it takes only one of these processors to provide a host of multi-effects.

But with 4 units the DP/4 has the power to produce the highest quality multi-effects without ever sacrificing sound fidelity. This approach also means that each effect you choose has a complete set of programmable parameters, for total control of your sound.

The DP/4 has 4 inputs and 4 outputs allowing you to process up to 4 different signals at the same time. It also has a digital patch bay giving you the flexibility to route signals from mono or stereo sources, in series or parallel configurations.

A built-in sub mixer controls signal output, maintaining multiple stereo images with 4 outputs, or even mixing 4 sources down to 2 outputs. This gives you the flexibility to process 1, 2, 3 or 4 separate sources at the same time, with over 30 possible signal flow choices.

Each processor in the DP/4 can produce up to 43 different true stereo effects, as well as 3 additional multi-unit algorithms. These 46 algorithms cover a variety of applications, from world-class reverbs, delays and coloration effects to compression, expansion, ducking and pitch-shifting. The DP/4 has 400 presets already programmed for you, so right out of the box you’re sure to find the type of processing you need.

Released: 1992

Quantization: 16bit

Sampling Frequency: 48kHz

Frequency Response: 2Hz-18kHz

Dynamic Range: 96dB

THD: Below 0.005%

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