The Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer is a multi-effects device with a legacy dating back to the late 80s. Known largely for its pitch shifting capabilities, its unique and idiosyncratic sound still holds up today amongst higher-fidelity effects processors.

Eventide have a long legacy of effects processing, having introduced the first commercially-available digital effects during the 1970s. The H3000 remains a stand out in their extensive product catalogue. More advanced than their earlier models yet at a more modest price point than some that came after it, the H3000 established a cult following among many producers.

The H3000 is capable of producing the usual array of basic effects such as phasing, chorusing, flanging, filtering, delay a reverb, though it is its capacity to combine and manipulate these effects to create unheard of sounds that really make it what it is. Its stereo pitching effects are the crown jewel of the unit and can be used to extend the width and depth of vocals, synths, guitars and keyboards, both subtly or in extreme measures. Further to this, the H3000 is able to intelligently track the pitch on an incoming source to create harmonies to fit specific musical keys rather than simply pitching up or down by static intervals.

The H3000 is anincredibly powerful creative tool, although a very complex one. Its deep editing capabilities and flexible programming enable truly one-of-a-kind effects and fully implemented MIDI control opens up possibilities for very expressive and dynamic sounds.

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