The Eventide H949 Harmonizer is a multi effects unit featuring digital delays, pitch-based effect and a proprietary time reversal function.

The Eventide Model H949 ®Harmonizer is a combination digital delay line, pitch changer, and all-round special effects unit. The TIME REVERSAL feature is entirely new. When used with a variable-speed tape recorder, the ®Harmonizer is capable of shortening or lengthening a piece of program material to fit a given time slot, without altering the pitch. The Eventide Model H949 is built to professional industry standards, using random access memories (ROM) for high quality, dependable performance.

Like all pitch changers using time speed-up/slow-down techniques, the ®Harmonizer produces certain artefacts or ‘glitches’ in the output during pitch change operation. The relative audibility and severity of these artifacts depend upon many factors, including the pitch ratio and the nature of the program material.

The Eventide Model H949 ®Harmonizer has been designed with two different algorithms, allowing the user to choose which sounds best for the particular application. 

Released: 1977
Frequency Response: 20Hz-15kHz
Dynamic Range: 96dB
THD: Below 0.15%

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