The Doppelganger is a twin oscillator phaser/vibrato effects pedal offering a whole range of classic (and non-classic!) uses cleverly built into a single unit. Its trademark is an unparalleled purity and transparency of tone and harmonic richness making it a real texture machine.

The subtle yet ever-changing way the controls interact has a truly mesmerising effect which speaks directly to the sub-conscious mind. It covers the whole spectrum from mellow and virtually subliminal, to Hendrix-y, to crunchy and chomping (reminiscent of the ubiquitous 70's phase sound), to swirling rotary-type effects.

On more subtle settings and especially in vibrato mode, it gives movement and life to the sound without discernible processing. In less introvert moments it can warp sounds into multi-dimensional knots or whip up squeals and harmonics into a sci-fi frenzy. It never manages to sound sickly on any setting, and in fact makes an ideal replacement for all the sounds contained in the thesaurus of chorus as it provides plenty of width and attack definition but without the nauseating side effects.

Vibrato mode has a very vibraphone-like modulation and is great for moody jazzers. As well as guitar and bass, the Doppelganger can of course be used on any instrument and works particularly well when chilling out with classic keyboard / synth sounds!


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