The Lovetone Meatball is an envelope filter which can be statically or dynamically controlled. The effects produced are similar to those of wah and flanger/phaser pedals.

The Meatball is capable of all sorts of weird and wonderful effects ranging from Mini Moog-style pulsing and wild synth burbling, to a variety of auto-wah effects. The Meatball also offers some rather subtle real-time tonal filtering effects which could be applied to just about anything - think creatively!

The Meatball has two sections—the trigger section and the filter section. The trigger section has the following controls:

  • "Sensitivity" - Determines the level at which triggering operates.
  • "Attack" - Filter attack response
  • "Decay" - Filter decay time
  • "Up/Down" - A two-position switch that determines whether the filter sweeps up or down.
  • "Full/half/off" - A three-position switch that determines the level of the bandwidth. Half the bandwidth affects only higher frequencies, while the off position turns off the trigger section, allowing the Meatball to be used as a static-tone filter.

The filter section has the following controls:

  • "Colour" - Filter resonance
  • "Intensity" - Filter depth
  • "Blend" - Ratio of dry to wet signal
  • "Frequency range" - A four-position switch that determines the range of the frequency, from low to high.
  • "Filter selection" - A three-position switch that determines the level of the bandwidth, between low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass fiter.

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