The Lovetone Ring Stinger is a unique multi-effects pedal featuring a ring modulator, octave fuzz and simple analog synthesizer all built into a compact stomp-box unit. The Ring Stinger was released in 1999 along with the Cheese Source and an updated Mk 2 version of the Doppelganger pedals.

The octave/ring footswitch selects one of two modes, germanium octave-up fuzz or ring modulator. The ring modulator can be switched between four different voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) settings: sine, triangle, sawtooth and square wave.

On the left hand side is a footswitch to enable a low frequency oscillator (LFO). This in turn has four settings: either square/triangle wave pulse width modulation, or square/triangle wave VCO modulation. The knobs from left to right are depth and rate for the LFO; a frequency control for the VCO; drive, which functions like a distortion pedal’s drive knob; timbre, a tone control; and a wet/dry blend control.

Across the top are your usual in, out and 9VDC jacks, as well as two expression pedal outputs to control LFO depth and VCO frequency: the ring stinger came with a light-sensitive jack adapter that could be used for theremin-style control over VCO frequency.

Some of the range of effects which can be achieved by using the Ring Stinger include:

'Klangs, bells, metallic FX, pseudo vocoder FX, Dalek noises, sci-fi atmospherics, spooky warbling, trem arpeggios, tonal toggling, touch sensitive keying, pitch cross-firing, microtonal and atonal FX, evolving drones, didgeridoo FX and not least the meanest graunchiest octave fuzz ever'

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