The Roland Dimension D SDD-320 stereo chorus is famous for injecting spatialization and subtle modulation. These units are now highly sought after; offering chorus effect sounds, a built-in compressor/expander and old-school Roland tone.

The Roland Dimension D SDD-320 is a stereo chorus rack that quickly became a studio legend since its introduction in 1979. Loved for its delicate special enhancement and subtle modulation, the Dimension D became the go-to sweetener for vocals, piano and guitar in the 1980s. These now-rare units were used extensively by Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Kate Bush - among many others!  


The Dimension D works as a fixed chorus machine that intentionally lacks typical pitch modulation, instead achieving its effects through the use of dual synched delay lines that are driven by a trapezoidal LFO-key to avoid warble. This LFO shape has a noticeable effect of the chorus tone, so by using this shape, Roland were able to produce the psychoacoustic effects of the Dimension D. This device’s distinctive sound is further developed by its built in compressor-expander, in addition to the characteristic analogue and old-school Roland tone qualities.  


This Roland rack piece is an ideal example of functional simplicity while providing a complex range of sounds and textures from its musical and discrete bucket-brigade circuitry.

  • Input Level – Nominal +4dBm, Maximum +14dBm 

  • Input Impedance – Balanced 26k ohm, Unbalanced 13k ohm 

  • Output Level – Nominal +4dBm 

  • Load Impedance – Balanced greater than 600 ohm, Unbalanced greater than 600 ohm 

  • Gain – MODE = OFF 0 dB 

  • S/N Ratio – greater than 95dB 

  • Switches – Dimension Mode (OFF, 1, 2, 3, 4) 

  • Jacks – Input: Standard Phone (L,R), XLR (L,R) Output: Standard Phone (L,R) XLR (L,R) 

  • Power Consumption – 8W

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