The Sonuus Wahoo is a multi-effects pedal that combines two analog filters with digital control, giving you full access to a varied sonic palette. With a single Wahoo pedal you achieve an English wah sound, an American wah sound, and everything in between. You can even program the frequency response of the heel and the toe positions. The pedal is a phaser, envelope filter, a pitch-bend triggered wah, step filter, overdrive, and much more. You can even choose any vowel sounds.

With the Wahoo you can instantly adapt the analog circuit's response to create the sound and feel you desire, without using hidden pots and jumper cables. And, with 100 factory presets and 100 user presets, you will have virtually any sound you need at your fingertips. The wide frequency range (10 Hz to 4 kHz), resonance range (flat to self-oscillating), and built-in overdrive of the Wahoo filters can be adjusted to achieve almost any wah pedal or filter sound from low-Q, dark rock sounds to clean, country twang to bubbly, resonant bass envelope filters.

The Wahoo features a custom-designed patent-pending pedal sensor that, unlike conventional potentiometers, is less susceptible to dirt with no mechanical couplings, and provides precision control. Transparent true bypass provides all the benefits of true bypass without the switching noise. The cast-aluminum case ensures durability and is resistant to wear.

Analog Signal Path with Digital Control
The Wahoo's fully analog filter path is based on vintage synthesizer filters and generates a warm tone with an organic feel. A digital drive control lets you gently overdrive the filters to increase the warmth or crank it up to get fuzz-wah tones
Dual Analog Filter Design
The Wahoo includes two analog filters which can be configured as low-pass or band-pass and can operate independently in wah pedal, LFO, envelope, and pitch-tracking modes. The dual filter output can be configured to give evolving textures and tonal depths that are difficult to achieve with a single filter
The filters have a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 4 kHz, and wide resonance range from flat to self-oscillation. Resonance is not fixed, but can be varied dynamically so it can track the cutoff frequency to further expand your creative possibilities. Combining this with drive, response curves, and variable envelope filter attack/decay allows you to replicate the sonic character of various vintage and modern wah/filter pedals
Pitch-Tracking Effects
Pitch-tracking technology enables pitch-bend and pitch-tracking effects
Patent-Pending Pedal Sensor
Unlike other wah pedals, the Wahoo does not operate using a potentiometer with mechanical couplings or optical methods. Instead, it features a position sensor that allows fine precision control with no mechanical couplings that is not susceptible to dirt or wear
Designed for Guitar and Bass
The range of the Wahoo parameters is designed to match both guitar and bass, as well as other instruments such as keyboards, so you can save settings and switch between instrument-specific set-ups
Transparent True-Bypass Switching
A silent-switching true-bypass circuit provides the benefits of true bypass without the associated switching noise. Additionally, if the power to the Wahoo is interrupted, the unit will automatically switch back to the bypassed state, so you don't lose your instrument's signal
The Wahoo comes ready-to-play with 100 factory presets which include traditional wah effects, touch-wah, bass envelope filters, auto-wah, bubbly funk, vocal sounds, and extreme synth-like special effects. By tweaking the factory presets, you can explore different sounds and create your own effects - there are 100 user presets where you can store your own set-ups


Switching Signal Switching: Transparent true-bypass
Presets 100 factory, 100 user
Filters Number of Filters: 2
Range Cutoff Range: 10 Hz to 4,000 Hz
Resonance 0 (subtle) to 100 (self-oscillating)
Filter Type Band-pass (12 dB/octave), low-pass (24 dB/octave)
LFO Sine, square, triangle, saw-up, saw-down, trapezoid, random
Mode Filter Modes: Pedal, LFO, envelope, pitch-bend, pitch-track
Mixer Filter drive, filter 1/2 mix, wet/dry mix, output level
Drivers Class-compliant HID/USB audio (built into operating system)
System Requirements Desktop Editor: 
Windows XP, Vista, 7, and above 
Apple OS X 10.5 and above (Intel Mac only)

Windows XP, Vista, 7, and above 
Apple OS X 10.3.9 and above
Connector Computer: Standard Type B USB socket
Audio Input 1/4" (6.35 mm) mono jack, 900 kOhm impedance
Audio Output 1/4" (6.35 mm) mono jack, 3 kOhm impedance
Power 9 VDC (any polarity), 4 x AA batteries, USB (500 mA maximum)
Battery Life Typically >10 hours (NiMH rechargeable batteries, 2000 mAh)
Approvals CE, FC, RoHS
Material Cast-aluminum case
Dimensions 6.7 x 7.5 x 2.9" (17.1 x 19.2 x 7.6 cm)
Weight 2.9 lb (1.3 kg) without batteries

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