The Focusrite Red 1 is a classic microphone preamp combining custom-wound transformers with NE5534 op-amps, in a surprisingly simple, but extremely competent, design. The Red 1 is available in a 'Quad' version housing four matched preamps, as well as in a 500-series format featuring a single preamplifier.

With 4 preamps in a single microphone preamp unit, the Focusrite Red 1 provides stellar performance in a compact, stylish package. The Red 1 Quad preamp is ideal for use with digital systems, and for on-location multi-mic recording. Ultrahigh quality Focusrite preamps feature custom-wound input transformers.

Custom-made potentiometers and sealed relays enhance performance and reliability. General features include switchable phantom power, phase reverse, an easily read illuminated VU meter, and a handy scribble disc for denoting channels. Mic gain is switched in 6dB steps over a 66dB range, for accurate precise channel matching and recall.

  • Mic input gain -6dB to +60dB in 6dB steps
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-140kHz
  • Noise (EIN): -127dBu
  • Distortion:
  • 0.15% (-20dBu @ 20Hz)
  • 0.06% (-20dBu @ 40Hz)
  • 0.003% (-20dBu @ 1kHz)
  • 0.005% (-20dBu @ 10kHz)

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