The Telefunen V672 is a vintage microphone preamplifier unit from the late 1960's.

From the fine engineers at Telefunken in former West Germany, the same people who gave us so many legendary sounding preamps, EQ's, and compressors comes the V672 microphone preamp. All circuitry is discrete, living up to the strict German television and radio broadcast standards regulated by the Institut für Rundfunktechnik in the 60's, 70's, and 80's- thereby earning it the designation V672. These were first manufactured in the late sixties and were designed as "multi-purpose amplifiers" (Mehrzweckverstärker) and depending on the wiring configuration served as summing amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, splitting amplifiers, meter drivers, and more. The inherent flexibility with which they were designed and the relative ease with which they could be configured to perform so many different tasks speaks volumes of the brilliance of their Telefunken ELA-Technik designers. Of course, over time people have learned how to further modify them to be some wonderful sounding microphone preamps.

The V672 is an heir to a long tradition of fine German broadcast modules. German transistor-based microphone preamplifiers have earned an excellent reputation among studio engineers with modules like the, Telefunken V676a, TAB V376, the Neumann PMV 70 and V476b, the Siemens V276 and more.

High tones are clear and present yet smooth, midrange has a nice presence and boost, and low frequencies are full yet tight and overall they have a nicely present and warm color character. Our customers have spoken of success with these on drums, bass, guitars, and vocals, among other instruments, especially with rock and pop music. Plus 65 dB of gain after they are racked and modified is more than enough for even the most sensitive of ribbon mics. They are a perfect mix of vintage sound with modern functionality and reliability and are really a great all-around microphone preamp.

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