The Premier 88 is a rare and highly unusual instrument amplifier from the 1950s. It consists of an amplifier unit and a speaker unit; but rather than the amplifier unit sitting atop the speaker, like most every other 2-piece amp, the 88’s amplifier sits beside the speaker cabinet. The two sections clasp together with luggage latches.

This odd side-by-side form-factor is not the only unique feature of the Premier 88.  On the control panel, rather than conventional bass/middle/treble knobs, the ‘instrument’ channel of the 88 has 5 organ-stop-type levers that can be switched in or out.  Each lever is a bandpass filter.  That's to say that if you depress all 5 levers, you get the full tonal spectrum. If you depress none of the levers, you get silence. The ‘Microphone’ channel also has a pair of unusual tone control switches; they seem to be hi-cut filters. 

The Gear Rack

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