This 1962 Magnatone 460 is a dual-channel all-tube amplifier employing the use of 10 vacuum tubes throughout its circuitry. The unit features a reverb (predating even Fender in its implementation) and a vibrato section.

The 460 was the continuation of the 260 amp of the 1957-1960 era with a few engineering updates and the with the addition of the reverb effect. Magnatone quickly added the 260 back to the catalog as the 262, perhaps due to the 260's continued popularity. In use, the unit produces the unmistakable big Magnatone sound, and its reverb and true pitch shifting vibrato sections pre-date those of Fender's.

Years 1961-1963
Channels two
Tubes 10
Preamp 6EU7, 12AX7
Reverb 6DR7, 1/2 6EU7
Oscillator 1/2 12AX7
Vibrato 2x 6CG7
Phase Inverter 1/2 12AX7
Power 2x 6L6GC
Rectifier 5U4GB
Output 35 watts
Speakers 2x Oxford 12" 8ohm
Speakers 2x 5x7" oval mid-range

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