The ADA MP-1 is a vintage rack mount guitar preamp with features such as full MIDI integration. It runs on two 12AX7 preamp tubes and has three main voicing options - Solid State, Clean and Distortion.

The ADA MP-1 MIDI Preamp is a mid-80's tube preamplifier with MIDI programmable presets. This preamplifier uses a mix of high headroom operational amps and 12AX7 preamp tubes to create super-clean and over-the-top overdrive/ distortion tones that can be saved as presets for instant recall by Program Changes via a MIDI footswitch.

The sound from this unit is Marshall like in the gain structure and feel. It has a very high midrange 80's tone that make it sort of a one trick pony. It does have a good clean channel in it but the thing lives in the high gain territory.

The sound of the ADA is very straightforward, proper and precise when it comes to distortion. It's pretty British in spirit but with more gain.

The solid-state clean is wicked, very jc-120-like, even though at first I had a hard time achieving anything.

The tubes clean is like a clean marshall (think jcm 900), it distorts very quickly, so if that's what your after, we recommend the ADA MP-1.

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