The Ampeg B-15 is the Holy Grail of bass amps and is a wonderful tool for re-amping due to its signature tone and insane lower frequency response. The B-15 does exceptionally well with bass guitar, but is also suitable for guitars, keys and other instruments (or sounds), for packing punch and adding smooth and rich low-end tones.

The Ampeg B-15 is one of the most renown bass amplifiers ever made. Jess Oliver invented the first B15 in 1964, which quickly gained a favorable reputation thanks to its legendary tone and high quality manufacturing standards. It endured through the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and into the new millennium to becomea much loved and sought-after as a vintage piece.

Two major rounds on production in 1964 and 1966 birthed the iconic circuit paths of the B-15, which incorporated Baxadall EQ controls and 6SL7 octal preamp tubes. These circuits were hand-wired, with the high-quality chassis featuringdouble-baffle design and the B-15’s infamous flip-top cabinet design.

There have been two re-releases of the B-15 in recent years as part of the Ampeg’s Heritage Series, respectively called the Heritage B-15 and Heritage B-15N. The Heritage B-15 is hand-built and hand-wired in the US, remaining true to the original design and contains circuits paths of the 1964 and 1966 variants. These can be selected using a bias switch, which recreates each years’ distinctive bias methodology. The Heritage B-15N varies from this by using PCB architecture opposed to hand-wired circuits, as well as smaller 12AX7 preamp tubes.

The B-15’s flexible Baxandall EQ for bass and treble and modern selectable bias modes offer for ultimate tone control for this classic amplifier. Whilst originally intended for bass guitar, the B-15 is suitable for other musical applications and instruments to enhance and evoke smooth, rich bass tones with amazing low-frequency response.

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