This classic bass head produces the iconic 'stadium bass sound', heard on countless records as well as on stage.

The Ampeg SVT II has long been a favourite for pro Bass Players in the studio and on stage. It offers a great combination of sound and volume with exceptional reliability for a valve-based amp head. 

The SVT II is a tone beast capable of sculpting a sound for virtually any application while also adding its specific Ampeg imprint - it sounds solid, thick and round.

Effects vary with each cabinet, however, the SVT II is generally used with a matching SVT410HE 4x10 or SVT810 8x10 bass speaker cabinets.

300 Watts RMS @ 4 or 2 ohms (switchable).
All Tube Design.
Unique Tube Drive Control.
Input Gain and Master Volume.
Input Peak LED.
Ultra Low and High Switches.
Three Bands Of EQ.
9 Band Graphic EQ.
Input Pad and Bright Switch.
Five Position Mid Select.
Mute Function.
Tuner Out.
XLR Balanced Line Out.
Preamp Out/Power Amp In jacks.
User Bias Controls.
Hum control pot.
Tube Sensor Protection Circuitry.
Three Oversized Transformers.
Six 6550 Power Tubes.
Six 12AX7 Tubes.
Two 12AU7 Tubes.
Relay Controlled Timed Turn-on.
DC Supplied Filament.
Toroidal Inductor Mid Coil.
High Capacity Fan.
Internal Fuses.
Abundant Filter Capacitors.
16 Gauge Steel Chassis.
Insulation Displacement Connectors.
Ribbon Wire Harnesses.
Auto-Resetting Thermistor Protection.

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