The Ampeg SVT III is another classic in bass amplification featuring a tube-based preamp, a solid-state output and extensive tone-shaping capabilities.

The classic Ampeg SVT III series features a valve-based preamp section with 3x 12AX7 tubes and a Solid State bi-polar power output section. Its tone is unique in that it resembles the classic sound of an Ampeg amplifier, partly due to the tube preamp. The Solid State output is what makes this amp sounds more 'modern'.

The Ampeg SVT III Pro series is the most recent incarnation of this classic amp. Differently to the non-pro version, this unit features a redesigned tube preamp section featuring 5 tubes - four 12AX7 and one 12AU7 as a tube driver; the output section uses a Solid State Mosfet circuit. Overall, the SVT III Pro is a much more powerful amplifier, compared to the non-pro version, however, many users still prefer the tone of the original, non-pro version.

Both version feature a channel 3-band eq with fixed lows / highs and a 5-way frequency-selectable mid range, as well as a 6-band graphic equalizer.

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