Engl is a german manufacturer of solid-tube-based guitar amplifiers founded in 1983 by Edmund Engl. The company's products are widely used in rock and metal along with their respective sub-genres.

Engl amps are known for their high-power and their very thick, big distortion tones with a signature buzz and high-frequency rasp that sounds 'brutal' but avoids being overly harsh. Engl's range of amplifiers covers all the needs of a rock / metal guitarist; in terms of tone, the selection ranges from dark-sounding units with a very thick low-end to mid-range focused crunchy sounds, saturated or compressed amps.

Among the guitarists and bands who use Engl amplifier, include, among others Ritchie Blackmore ( Deep Purple , Rainbow and Blackmore's Night ), Chris Broderick ( Jag Panzer , Nevermore , Megadeth ) the Scorpions , Phil Campbell ( Motörhead ), Symphony X , Steve Morse (Deep Purple and other bands), Victor Smolski , Hammerfall , Nocturnal Rites , Dimmu Borgir , Paul Landers ( Rammstein ), Andreas von Holst ( dead pants ) and Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala ( Children of Bodom ).


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