The Fender Twin Reverb embodies the classic American clean guitar tone that has been the essential sound of rock, blues, jazz, pop and country players for almost as long as the electric guitar has been around. Its high headroom allows for sparkling, detailed clean sounds at high volume, edging into a singing overdrive when given the opportunity to be turned up loud enough.

The Fender Twin Reverb is tube guitar amplifier that was introduced in 1963, following earlier versions in the Fender Twin line of amps. The amp comes in a 2x12 combo format, and has had several revisions with differing specifications. The basic design features two independent channels, ‘Normal’ and ‘Vibrato’ with a quartet of 6L6GC power tubes and four 12AX7 plus two 12AT7 tubes in the preamp section. 

The original release of the Twin Reverb, known as the ‘blackface’ owing to its black control panel, was produced until 1967 and remained largely unchanged design-wise during this time. This 85-watt version of the amp is generally the most sought-after today. In 1968, the Twin Reverb was updated to what has become known as the ‘silverface’ and incorporated some changes to the circuit design, particularly in the output stage. This changes made in the silverface version weren’t considered favourable by many users, though it has established its place in the guitar playing world for its own sonic characteristics. Several other revisions followed over the years, including reissues of both the black and silverface amps. 

In addition to the signature Fender clean tone, a distinctive part of the Twin Reverb’s sound is its reverb and tremolo (actually labelled as vibrato on the amps) capabilities. These effects are revered in their own right and have become known for their sound perhaps as much as the amp tone itself. 

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