The Magnatone M-10 is a vintage amplifier introduced in 1963. It is a two channel amplifier. It is widely considered one of the most popular amps from the Custom Series Magnatones.

The M10 is a two channel amp each with "loudness", and "tone" controls. Each channel has an additional "contour" which switches between a treble bleed circuit, and dumping high frequencies to ground ("bright", "normal", and "mellow"). This simple tone control design is a carry over from the earlier amps (213,440,etc) and is shared on amps like the contemporary M7 and M12. The M13, M14, and M15 all had Baxandall style tone stacks with "bass" and "treble" knobs, and the M10 would be updated to that style in 1965 with the M10A.

The M10 makes use of the F.M.Vibrato four varistor vibrato, which was more advanced than the two varistor vibrato used on some of the less expensive Custom series amps ( M2, M4, M6 ).

The 1963 M10 reverb circuit is an updated carry over from the reverb used used on early Magnatones (like the 480). A 12AU7 drives the Hammond reverb tank and a transistor is used for the reverb recovery.

The M10 used a heavy duty 8" Oxford Alnico speaker with a 3" tweeter. The closed cabinet was divided horizontally, and the speaker chamber was bottom half. Jensen ceramic 8" speakers were used a bit in 1964 as well.

Years 1963½ to early 1965
Series Custom Series
Channels two
Power 2x 7189A
Power Bias fixed bias
Preamp 2x 7025,
Reverb 12AU7, transistor recovery
Vibrato 12AU7, 12DW7
Phase Inverter 12AU7
Speaker 8" 16ohm Oxford AlNiCo.
Speaker 3" 8ohm
Rectifier solid state
Output Trans 10K:16ohm
Output 38 watts

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